On all makes and models we provide:
24 Hour On-site Repair Service
We arrive on site with our fully equipped service van.
Periodic Maintenance
Can't afford the down time? Let us know when you are available.
We follow manufacturers specifications and schedules.
All periodic maintenance includes detailed written reports that provide you with the current condition of your lift truck.
Lift Device Inspections (Annual Safety Inspections)
LDIs are required by Ontario Legislation 851 Sect 51(1)(b) atleast once per year.
Carried out in compliance with OHSA and meets standards of the CSA
Emissions Testing
Ensure your air quality is safe for your workers! 

Fully Equipped Service Shop Facility
If your lift truck requires a major work or refurbishing that cannot be completed on site, we have the facility and equipment
required to get the job done correctly and more efficient.


A lift truck being overhauled.